Peripheral Angiography

A carotid angiography is an outpatient procedure that our doctors at ASC of The Heart Institute in Las Cruces, can perform to find problems in blood vessels leading to your brain. These vessels include carotid arteries, which supply your brain with blood.

Peripheral Angiography

The procedure makes a “map” of your blood vessels, which can show narrowing in your arteries. Narrowing can cause numbness, weakness, trouble with speech or changes in vision. These symptoms may be warning signs of a stroke.

This test is done to help the peripheral vascular specialist find narrowed or blocked areas in one or more of the arteries that supply blood to the legs. It can help to determine if the patient has peripheral artery disease or PAD. The procedure uses a catheter and the injection of dye into the leg artery so that X-ray images can be taken of the artery.

Our doctors have extensive experience when it comes to performing Peripheral Angiography.

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